I’ve been to Disneyland many times. I heard the rides at Disney World are basically the same as the ones at Disneyland. Is that true? Are there differences that make a trip to Disney World worthwhile?

It is true that many of the rides are similar, but not all. More importantly, the overall experience is very different. I like to say Disney World is for explorers, while Disneyland is great for “Attraction Commandos.”

With four different themed lands, plus two water parks, two shopping districts, miniature golf courses, a nature conserve, a giant sports complex, plus multiple themed hotel properties, there are hidden gems to thrill Disney lovers throughout the property.

Additionally, the Anaheim complex has nothing like Epcot or the Animal Kingdom parks, including the “Frozen” attraction and newest Pandora land.

If you love Disneyland, I encourage you to spend some time at Walt Disney World. After all, Walt himself envisioned it as an improvement on the original.