Ask Disney World

It is true that many of the rides are similar, but not all. More importantly, the overall experience is very different. I like to say Disney World is for explorers, while Disneyland is great for “Attraction Commandos.” With four different themed lands, plus two water parks, two shopping districts, miniature golf courses, a nature conserve, […]

Excellent question! If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can use Disney’s transportation system to get there, though you will need to take a transfer. Value resorts only have bus transportation (no boats or monorails). You can take a bus to the Magic Kingdom and transfer to the Contemporary. Alternatively, you can walk to […]

Disney(land) is something that will never be finished. Something that I can keep developing, keep plussing and adding to. It’s alive. It will be a live, breathing thing that will need change. A picture is a thing, once you wrap it up and turn it over to Technicolor you’re through. Snow White is a dead issue with me. A live picture I just finished, the one I wrapped up a few weeks ago, it’s gone, I can’t touch it. There’re things in it I don’t like; I can’t do anything about it. I wanted something alive, something that could grow, something I could keep plussing with ideas; the park is that. Not only can I add things, but even the trees will keep growing. The things will get more beautiful each year. And as I find out what the public like and when a picture’s finished and I put it out, I find out what the public doesn’t like, I can’t change it, it’s finished, but I can change the park, because it’s alive. That is why I wanted that park.

— Walt Disney

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