Ask Disney World

It is true that many of the rides are similar, but not all. More importantly, the overall experience is very different. I like to say Disney World is for explorers, while Disneyland is great for “Attraction Commandos.” With four different themed lands, plus two water parks, two shopping districts, miniature golf courses, a nature conserve, […]

Excellent question! If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can use Disney’s transportation system to get there, though you will need to take a transfer. Value resorts only have bus transportation (no boats or monorails). You can take a bus to the Magic Kingdom and transfer to the Contemporary. Alternatively, you can walk to […]

To make the dreams of Disney(land) come true took the combined skills and talents of hundreds of artisans, carpenters, engineers, scientists, and craftsmen. The dreams that they built now become your heritage. It is you who will make Disney(land) truly a magic kingdom and a happy place for the millions of guests who will visit us now and in the future.

— Walt Disney